Automated Routing For Passenger Transportation

Powering High-Volume Transportation Companies.

Automated Routing For Passenger Transportation : Myle
Lower transportation planning expenses by up to 95%.
Condense routes by up to 35% and optimize driver utilization.
Track drivers and automatically update customers to nail every experience.
Essential Transportation Engine

For any point-to-point transportation company

Drop off
Future trip
Canceled trip
When the driver is late
Trip management/timeline

Our Routing platform lets you oversee a high-level picture of the day’s schedule

Review Routes on The Map

View a combination of pickup and drop-off information on a clickable, interactive map, including real-time data such as traffic, accidents, etc.

Made For Transportation

Public Transit
Routing for public transit and paratransit vehicle units.
Coordinators / Brokers
Assisting large volume transportation markets, improving vehicle utilization.