Rising need to transport COVID-19 patients nationwide addressed

Rising need to transport COVID-19 patients nationwide addressed
Recently our world suffered a deadly pandemic, such ramifications have not been seen since 1918.  At first, we knew very little about this dreadful virus, we are all learning together. As far as transportation,  Myle never waivered. When COVID-19 patients needed to get to life-saving kidney dialysis at quarantine clinics and their regular nonemergency medical transportation companies failed them, Myle was there. Overnight Myle dedicated a portion of its fleet of vehicles and gathered willing brave drivers and dispatched them throughout the country. Myle is and always has been a humanitarian owned and managed company.
Each vehicle is washed, weather permitting, every day. The interior cabin is sanitized between every ride, keeping in mind there is a pandemic, we take sterilization very seriously. We as a company being responsible for our passengers and operators, had to implement some specific guidelines all our dedicated COVID19+ drivers and passengers need to follow.  

COVID-19 Procedures

Myle is strictly adhering to rules originally established at the onset of this pandemic and is modifying regulations as information becomes available through OSHA and daily CDC information. All drivers and passengers at this time are required to wear a face-covering that reaches the bridge of the nose.  All drivers must have required PPE in their vehicles. This includes: face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, paper towels, EPA approved liquid disinfectant spray and or EPA approved disinfectant wipes.  All drivers are required to wipe down their cars between every ride.  We instruct them to pay special attention to door handles (inside and out), seats, door switches, belt buckles and harnesses, arm rests and inside cabin windows.
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